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The aim of the Center, a unit of the Hacettepe University, is to;

Perform any tissue and organ transplantations on a modern basis in cooperation with the relevant departments, divisions and units of Hacettepe University, bring new developments regarding tissue and organ transplantation to our country, conduct fundamental and practical researches, develop new methods in this regard, and provide organs and conduct studies in order to inform everyone of organ transplantation.


The directorate hereby covers the aims, organs, administrative structure and personnel of the Hacettepe University Research, Application and Education Center for Tissue and Organ Transplantation, and the principles regarding the national and international activities of the Center.

Area of activity

The main areas of activity of the Center are as follows:

a) Encouraging the training of the teaching staff that will conduct researches and applications regarding tissue and organ transplantation at the university, and preparing the necessary media and opportunities for this,

b) Participating in and encouraging the researches and similar studies regarding tissue and organ transplantation conducted by national and foreign public or private institutions within the scope of the relevant legislation,

c) Arranging education programs, seminars, conferences, courses and national and international congresses regarding the relevant issues in order to increase information production and train quality human force at different levels, making proposals to the authorized university organs and publications in order to give certificates to the participants at the end of such organizations,

d) Establishinh necessary laboratories in order to conduct relevant researches and practices, and providing other opportunities,

e) Cooperating and exchanging knowledge with the similar national and foreign institutions and centers in order to provide tissues and organs,

f) Performing other activities determined by the Board of Directors of the Center in light of the aims of the Center.